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We are dedicated to all of our customers. 

We maintain fair prices, best in class services, never raise unrealistic expectations and are committed to you at all times. Our values are rooted in our working method and just like an oak tree, our strength lies within our roots.

What makes us unique, is that we offer our customers our best professional services. We have the best in class consultants and continually work together with colleague SAP partners in the development of SAP solutions. In this way, we can offer our customers the most suitable SAP Business Solutions and user experience. 


Our mission is to facilitate organizations to get the most out of their SAP systems and receive the best user experience. Qrcus continuously optimizes her customers’ business management and workflows. 


Qrcus stands for the Latin word ‘quercus’, meaning oak tree. The oak tree, and what it stands for, is in line with the vision of Qrcus. In medieval times, the village council gathered underneath the great oak tree, discussing matters of law. The oak tree therefore stands for authority, wisdom and integrity. Our consultants support these values. They are well experienced in Logistics, Finance, Treasury and Enterprise Asset Management and have profound knowledge of related BI solutions.    

Bergerweg 120, 6135 KD Sittard
P.O. Box 5161, 6130 PD Sittard
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 46 400 8000

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