Yves Lemmens

SAP Consultant

While I wrote my thesis to finish my Economics and Business Economics education, I already started working as an SAP consultant at Qrcus. The first weeks within Qrcus I took part in an internal training to prepare myself as well as possible for the assignment awaiting me at the new customer. I soon felt at home in the Qrcus family. Credits go to my new colleagues who enthusiastically and spontaneously started explaining about SAP and everything concerned.   

Eager to learn, Enthusiastic, New
My life moto: "The world is what we think of it, think differently and the world is different."

My positive attitude and eagerness to learn help a great deal in understanding the IT systems that I work with. In a short time, I have mastered two separate systems and I now understand how the integration of these systems works. I really enjoy being able to help the customer in these sometimes very complicated areas and to actually contribute to the efficiency of an organisation in this way.

The consultancy profession is of course quite new to me. What appeals to me is that you need to think carefully about every action you take, always keeping in mind whether it can be done better or easier, how you can achieve a win-win for both customer and consultant. In the role of a consultant, viewing a problem from a different angle is often the beginning of a solution. As a person I think it is important to understand different perspectives and that is why I strive to do so. 

Yves Lemmens

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SAP optimization

Qrcus helps its customers to get the most out of their SAP systems and to achieve the best user experience possible. For our clients, we strive to reach financially healthy business operations and continuous optimisation of the organisation and its work processes.


Bergerweg 120, 6135 KD Sittard
P.O. Box 5161, 6130 PD Sittard
The Netherlands
T +31(0)46 400 8000
E: info@qrcus.nl

SAP expertise

• SAP Finance & Controlling
• SAP Treasury
• SAP Business Planning & Consolidation
• SAP Logistics (among which MM/SD)
• SAP Enterprise Asset Management
• SAP BW combined with MS Power BI
• SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
• SAP Authorisation and compliance
• SAP Activate 

Additional knowledge
• Prince II
• Agile SCRUM
• Power BI

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